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Divine Love/Inner Beauty/Purity Crystalline Lightbody DNA Activation 5 Piece Set


125 g

This beautiful set is all about LOVE! Self Love, Divine Love, Unconditional Love for everyone and everything in the Universe on all levels. It enhances the softness, magic, inner beauty, innocence, joy, and playfulness from within. A very magical set.

This set includes:

Soft Rose Pink Sphere: (Divine Compassion, Self Acceptance, Self Love)

Lilac Heart: (Inner Beauty, Purity, Generosity, Kindness)

Cosmic Orchid Purple: (Divine Cosmic Heart Activations, Innocence, Inner Beauty,

Opalescent Pink: (Unconditional Love, Divine Feminine, Joy)

Diamond Pink: (Christ Consciousness, Divine Light Codes, Purity of Heart, Divine Love)

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The colours and descriptions listed are only there to further your knowledge and understanding of what that particular andara is emitting in frequency. Always choose your andara from the heart. It will choose you knowing exactly what your lightbody needs in the present time, and once the connection is made, the andara will begin working with your DNA immediately.


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