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Soul Song Skin Care

All products are intuitively and personally made in the highest integrity with the highest quality organic, fractionated, cold pressed, and wildcrafted oils and essential oils. Because each product is individually channeled and handmade to order, please contact me to place an order and receive estimates for pick up times or delivery and shipping costs.

As a clairvoyant/clairaudient, I look into each person’s energy field and tune into their soul’s frequency to channel the perfect personal blend that allows each individual’s heart and skin to sing!

*Day, Night, Hand/Body (Personal Blend), and Bath Soak prices subject to change due to varying prices and quantities of essential oils used. 
*Oils that assist with various skin conditions/imperfections such as rosacea, eczema, advanced acne, athlete’s foot, stretch marks, scarring, and bruising are also available upon request. 

Intuitively made to resonate with your energy field for maximum benefit to your skin and overall well being.

My philosophy is, “If you can’t eat it, you shouldn’t be putting it on the largest organ on your body?”

Skin Care Testimonials

I absolutely love the sunscreen that Taylene makes for me. It is not greasy and makes my skin feel so soft. It does not rub off and stain my clothes. Instead, it soaks into my skin and prevents my skin from drying out. They also smell lovely.

I really appreciate that she takes the time and care to select which essential oils to add that are perfect for me. My last container had spearmint; which smelled beautiful and assisted me with some respiratory issues that I had. This is a touch that store bought products do not provide.

I also like that they have a beautifully whipped texture. Even though I had the jar outside in 35 degree celsius weather, it still kept its shape and did not liquify. I highly recommend enjoying these products. They are all natural, do not contain any artificial or harmful ingredients, and provide a value that is not available in mass marketed skin care products.

Carolyn Box

I use the skin care products and enjoy the natural ingredients and get the results that I need. I would recommend them to anyone. They are very effective without chemical content. They are great!

Sherrie Schumacker

I have been using Taylene’s Soul Song Skin Care products for the past 3 1/2 years. Over that period of time I have experienced increasing benefits with my skin. I use many of the products including day oil, night oil, sunscreen, daily cleanser, exfoliants, hand/ body lotion and eye serum. I have recently started using the pearly mouth drops as well as acne serum. Since using the day/night oils and cleanser on a daily basis I have noticed that my skin is much softer and smoother (well hydrated). The sunscreen is so smooth and smells so wonderful. I love the fact that I can protect my skin from the damaging sun rays with a sunscreen made with pure natural products…….it works so well. I have been using the deep wrinkle eye serum and have noticed the “crows feet” around my eyes are softened. Daily use of the products have provided my skin with the deep nourishment that was needed to heal a chronic acne issue, that persisted for many years. I now experience only an occasional flair up to which I apply the acne serum. The acne is less painful and clears up much more quickly with the Soul Song products than any other products that I had tried in the past. Soul Song products are gentle and natural, unlike the other products I had tried which were harsh and stripped my skin.

I so love that the Soul Song Skin Care products are of such high quality and intuitively made by Taylene to resonate with my energy field. My 21 year old son recently started using the products for chronic acne and he too is experiencing the benefits with clearer skin. I highly recommend these beautiful products.

Beverly Yeung

I love that the skin care is uniquely, energetically tailored to my skin care needs. Being all natural & hand made makes me fall in love with every product I’ve tried even more. Extremely effective & luxurious!

Andrea Bauer

I have been using Taylene’s facial products for 2+ years and I love them. I have oily skin and have to be careful what I put on it because I easily get keratosis bumps from too much oil production. I used to be very embarrassed by these bumps and they seemed to proliferate with many facial products but not Taylene’s!! I absolutely love the purity of her ingredients and the added bonus of a product energetically designed just for me, what a treasure and no more bumps to deal with!! A special time of day for me is cleansing with Taylene’s luxurious facial oil cleanser and then using a warm face cloth over my face for 30 seconds of joy at the end of my day and super soft skin that never feels dry!! I also use her eczema cream and honey and herb exfoliant that is delicious enough to eat!! I can’t say enough about all of Taylene’s products. I encourage you to try them for yourself and discover the magic!!

Pam Jones, BScN, RN

I have been using Taylene’s skin care products since November and my skin has more moisture, feels softer and is much healthier. It’s made me more motivated to keep up with my skin care ritual!

Bridget Flanagan