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Started on January 1, 2021Date and Times To Be Determined7 weeks

BOL 7: Congratulations, Beloved Heart!

Love. A simple four letter word. Yet it seems like lifetimes of pain and confusion have been never ending, and that we have completely forgotten how to authentically feel truly loving feelings for ourselves; to say ‘I love you’ to our innocent hearts without cringing and feeling disbelief. Yet, slowly, we have braved the storm and undertaken the most amazing journey together remembering that we ARE love in all of its beauty and grace, and we didn’t really have to go anywhere to find it again as it was right inside of us all along. We had just forgotten.

Series 7 takes the great journey home within ourselves fully and completely. The final trek on our journey together.

Congratulations, Beloved Heart. I Love You.

Each Breath of Love class is 7 weeks long with a minimum registration of 4 participants. The fee is $150/person. Please bring a yoga mat, water bottle, and an open heart.

If you wish to book a module for a group session with friends, family, co-workers, couples, or as a group of expectant mothers working through the birthing process to experience a supportive healing experience, please contact me separately to make arrangements. Each 7 week module can be taught as a day seminar or several modules can be combined into a weekend workshop. A minimum of 4 participants will be needed to run a class.