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I have been using Taylene’s facial products for 2+ years and I love them. I have oily skin and have to be careful what I put on it because I easily get keratosis bumps from too much oil production. I used to be very embarrassed by these bumps and they seemed to proliferate with many facial products but not Taylene’s!! I absolutely love the purity of her ingredients and the added bonus of a product energetically designed just for me, what a treasure and no more bumps to deal with!! A special time of day for me is cleansing with Taylene’s luxurious facial oil cleanser and then using a warm face cloth over my face for 30 seconds of joy at the end of my day and super soft skin that never feels dry!! I also use her eczema cream and honey and herb exfoliant that is delicious enough to eat!! I can’t say enough about all of Taylene’s products. I encourage you to try them for yourself and discover the magic!!