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Started on December 1, 20191 hour

Multidimensional Sound & Vibrational Attunement Session

This session will consist of sound and vibrational attunement using various sound and vibrational implements, light language activation, vocal toning, etheric field clearing and realignment, Fibonacci sequence grounding and expansion, chakra balancing, Akashic Records clearing and reconnection, light body activation and integration, and accessing the key to our energetic heart.

Each session will vary according to what is required in the moment and what is in the best highest interest of each person.

By addressing the four bodies (physical, spiritual, emotional, mental), and focussing deeply on each individual’s predominating energy imbalance whether it is in one body or all four at once, we begin to relax and any dis-ease created from the imbalance begins to transmute and heal. Once the energy is balanced and our original blueprint realigned, the reconnection of these bodies begins our reawakening journey and our return to the wholeness of our innocent, loving hearts.


Discount Bundle Packages

  • 5 Multidimensional Sessions (10% savings):  $732.00 
  • 7 Multidimensional Sessions (15% savings):  $968.00 
  • 10 Multidimensional Sessions (20% savings):  $1300.00 
  • 15 Multidimensional Sessions (25% savings):  $1832.00 
  • 20 Multidimensional Sessions (30% savings):  $2280.00