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Soul Song Sessions

Individual sessions, as well as bundles and combination packages offering discounted rates.


I met Taylene Lyon 4-4 1/2 years ago in search of peace and good health inside and out. Since then, I feel like I have been more energized, feel continual healing and have done some ‘internal housecleaning’ with the help of Sound Therapy and Taylene’s additional gifts and talents. I continue to seek these treatments and journey on. It has been awesome!! Thank you, Taylene, for being a part of my life and for continuing to be instrumental in finding my path for my journey forward.

Sherrie Schumacker

When I first went to see Taylene for a healing session just over 3 years ago, I was in a state of severe depression, anxiety and fear. I was carrying around a lot of repressed anger and felt very shut down and closed off from myself and from Life. It takes a lot of courage to face ourselves and to heal…..we become very vulnerable. Right from the first appointment with Taylene, I felt comfortable, safe and supported with unconditional love while in session.

At this point in my healing journey, I now experience much joy, openness and honesty with myself and the relationships in my life. I am excited about Life most mornings when I awaken. I am more confident that I can handle whatever Life wishes to teach and more welcoming of the growth that will occur within me. My sessions with Taylene continue to inspire me to love, trust and honour myself and become the fullest expression of who I am. The sessions are very powerful and healing, and I am always being reminded that I have everything within me to heal. Taylene is there to assist in accessing this ability and to give me the tools that I can utilize to continue to heal myself. I now feel more empowered to speak and live my truth with love and authenticity. Thank you Taylene for sharing all of your healing gifts with me!

Beverly Yeung

I am so thankful for being introduced to Taylene and this style of alternative healing. Sound healing accompanied by Taylene’s genuine care and support has been an amazing experience that has had a positive impact on my life in many ways. I would recommend Taylene to anyone who wants to improve their health, expand their awareness, and increase the power and love that already exists within them.

Kelly Schumacker

It is hard to describe a session with Taylene, and it truly just needs to be experienced. My body loves the feel of the forks, and I am in a state of complete bliss while Taylene is working on me. It is the most gentle and also deeply powerful body work I’ve ever done. Above and beyond the physical, Taylene also has incredibly helpful insight into issues that I am working through. Each session is a complete mind/body/spirit makeover.

Echo Mazur

I found Taylene through the circumstances of synchronicities. I didn’t really understand the reasons for seeing her at the time but after the first session with her, I knew I was releasing things physically, mentally and emotionally. The healing that happened on a deep level helped pave the way for the next steps in my life. The courage to be me and open to love was supported by Taylene’s guidance. I would highly recommend seeing Taylene to step more fully into your power.

Fola Veritas