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Ruby Red Andara Polished Sphere


Purifies the root chakra, supports releasing the energies of survival mode that prevent us from manifesting all that we desire, activates our Soul’s drive to bring forth abundance and accomplish from a place of higher consciousness.

The circle in sacred geometry is a symbol of wholeness, oneness with Self, the never-ending cycle of life, unity, and perfection. The circle is considered the first thought of Creation (God), which exists by itself. The Flower of Life is a physical representation of the connection of all living things in the universe, and it begins with a collection of circles that form the blueprint of creation.

In spherical form, the energy of each Andara flows gracefully and easily as it initiates more unity, wholeness, movement, and a deeper connection to our higher consciousness, allowing each of us to remember our Divine perfection as beings of pure Love and Light.

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The colours and descriptions listed are only there to further your knowledge and understanding of what that particular andara is emitting in frequency. Always choose your andara from the heart. It will choose you knowing exactly what your lightbody needs in the present time, and once the connection is made, the andara will begin working with your DNA immediately.


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