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Diamond Light Codes Activation Set


62 g

This 5 piece set activates Diamond Light Codes on all levels. It raises our vibration and connects us more deeply with our higher consciousness and our connection to planetary consciousness, unity consciousness, and Christ Consciousness. Within the light and inner beauty of our Divine Heart, we have access to higher dimensional realms and states of consciousness. 

This set includes: 

Clear Diamond: (Higher Consciousness, Awareness, Clarity, Higher Intelligence, Open Heart)

Diamond Green: (Healing, Planetary Consciousness, DNA Repair, Crystalline Lightbody Connection)

Diamond Blue: (Higher Heart Abundance, Communication)

Diamond Pink: (Christ Consciousness, Divine Light Codes, Purity of Heart, Divine Love) 

Lilac Heart: (Inner Beauty, Purity, Generosity, Kindness)




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The colours and descriptions listed are only there to further your knowledge and understanding of what that particular andara is emitting in frequency. Always choose your andara from the heart. It will choose you knowing exactly what your lightbody needs in the present time, and once the connection is made, the andara will begin working with your DNA immediately.


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