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Blue Ray of Divine Will Crystalline Lightbody DNA Activation 6 Piece Set


54 g

This set anchors the wisdom of Creator energy through the embodiment of love. It prepares our Soul to accept and receive Christ Consciousness. The Blue Ray enhances our connection to the Elohim so that we may embody unconditional Love on all levels. It activates a stronger connection and communication between the Heart Mind and the Divine Mind and inspires the courage and strength to walk this path of divinity while having our human experience.

This set includes:

Sapphire Blue and Deep Sapphire Blue: (Cosmic Blue Ray, Elohim, Divine Will)

Diamond Blue: (Higher Heart Abundance, Communication)

Deep Aqua Blue: (Peaceful, Soothing, Divine Flow, Throat Chakra)

Opaque Sky Blue: (Dreamy, Reflection, Creativity, Lightness)




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The colours and descriptions listed are only there to further your knowledge and understanding of what that particular andara is emitting in frequency. Always choose your andara from the heart. It will choose you knowing exactly what your lightbody needs in the present time, and once the connection is made, the andara will begin working with your DNA immediately.


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