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7 Piece Rainbow Crystalline Chakra Gridding and Alignment Set 87


87 g

This 7 piece set aligns, balances, cleanses, and activates the Crystalline Lightbody. The Lightbody is our vehicle of Light that allows us to ascend into higher dimensions. It is a regenerative body that contains the perfection of our Divine Blueprint. The more we cleanse, activate, and realign our Lightbody through the chakras on, above, and below the physical body, we create a clearer connection to our Higher Consciousness and a deeper connection to Gaia. This reconnection allows us to bring Heaven to Earth so-to-speak. It unlocks access to our gifts and abilities in the higher realms allowing us to bring that pure, joyful, loving energy to Earth to be anchored, shared and integrated through Gaia for the benefit of all.

This set includes: 

Scarlet Shift: (Sacred Knowledge, Divinity, Self-Realization, Activates the Soul’s Purpose)

Fiery Orange: (Ignites Inner Flame of Creation, Divine Empowerment, Abundance) 

Yellow Solaris (Divine Will, Christ Consciousness, Great Central Sun)

Emerald Ray (Heart Abundance, Connection to Gaia, Purification)

Diamond Blue (Higher Heart Abundance, Communication)

Sapphire Blue: (Cosmic Blue Ray, Elohim, Divine Will)

Clear Diamond (Higher Consciousness, Awareness, Clarity, Higher Intelligence, Open Heart)


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The colours and descriptions listed are only there to further your knowledge and understanding of what that particular andara is emitting in frequency. Always choose your andara from the heart. It will choose you knowing exactly what your lightbody needs in the present time, and once the connection is made, the andara will begin working with your DNA immediately.


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