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Meet Taylene Lyon

I have been working with energy since I was a very young child. I didn’t always understand what I was seeing/hearing/sensing, and it sometimes scared me, however, over time and with the support and communication of guides from beyond the veil that I have come to know as different Archangels/Ascended Masters/Star Beings, as well as people in my ancestral lineage and soul family, I have come to accept, acknowledge, and trust my abilities. 

I began my human journey through the vehicle of music. It was something I was very deeply drawn to from about the age of three. It was divine perfection on every level that I incarnated into a very musical family and was encouraged by my grandmother to play, sing music, and express myself creatively at every opportunity. It was also at that time that I had my first conscious experience with my abilities when a family member passed away, and I was still able to see, hear, and communicate with them. I was very young, so I did not really have the tools to process my experience. In fact, I thought it was normal and that everyone had the same experiences I had until I slowly realized that was not the case. I learned to keep my abilities to myself and say nothing from certain reactions I received when sharing my experiences with others. I also began to doubt my abilities and dismiss and ignore them in an effort to be ‘normal’ like everybody else. I have spent a great majority of my human journey being a musician in every aspect; teaching, performing, and recording. In the last 17 years, I have been integrating my musical journey with my abilities as a pure channel in full commitment to my journey as a light worker, revealing my abilities and sharing them with those around me without fear or judgement and with the encouragement and support of my guides. To me, they are exquisitely and intuitively intertwined.

Music has always been a beautiful gateway to my multidimensional abilities. Everything is sound and vibration right down to a cellular level, and everything is music to me. I hear/see/feel/sense everyone’s individual frequency (soul signature) as well as the frequencies of the collective consciousness of humanity like a beautiful symphony of melodic and dissonant tones that weave together a tapestry of consciousness unique to this part of the galaxy (human existence).

Combined with my ability to see into each’s energy field and strongly hear and sense the harmony/disharmony of energy, I am able to use sound and vibration in all its incarnations to assist in returning an individual to their original blueprint of synchronistic energy. Whether I am channeling light language, using the spoken word, singing, or utilizing different tuning implements (crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, chimes, gongs), each individual will receive the frequencies of information that are most beneficial to them in that moment whether they are in an individual session or a group setting. By shifting the frequencies at a cellular level, this creates a spontaneous heart opening that supports the healing and renewed balance of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies thus removing any blockages, lack of flow, and disharmony in an individual’s energy field.

Everything is energy, and this is the way energy speaks to me. Join me, and reawaken/rediscover/retune your inner harmonic soul signature back into the balance it has always known; the frequency of unconditional love. Welcome.

Taylene (Ephedreil) Lyon, BMus